Great Rooms, The New Construction Trend

Great rooms have become a new fad in the real estate world especially within New Construction homes. In the last few years open concept floor plans have become more popular and many newer homes are starting to do away with multiple living spaces and instead, combining the square footage into one large open space that many people are referring to as a “Great Room.” While ultimately each buyer has their own wants and preferences, the Great Room trend seems to be holding steadfast in its desirability among home buyers and even builders. 

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open conceptOpen Concept 

Open concept homes are highly coveted by many and when choosing a Great Room, you get the best of the best. These rooms allow for the ultimate open concept. While some believe the open-concept floor plans are a fad, they have remained highly sought after for the last decade which leads us to believe that the more conservative and compartmentalized floor plans will not be as coveted in future Real Estate. 


While we may not have as many people over at our houses with the current COVID restrictions, the thought of entertaining in the future is still enough for people to plan their home purchase or build accordingly. Great rooms allow for the kitchen to be open to the living spaces ensuring that both the host and the guests can enjoy each other’s company easily. 


Nobody wants a dark home, especially when choosing to build a new construction home. Often times Great Rooms will feature oversized windows which allows for ample natural light as well as potential grand lighting fixtures to be a focal point within the room. 

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Oftentimes there is a small area within a home that never gets used, whether a spare room, a corner off the entryway, etc. when choosing a great room, the entire space can work for you as a whole ensuring that there is no “dead space” being unused. 

As with nearly all New Construction homes you are often able to customize the options available to you, modify floor plans, or add extra features. When it comes to the floor plan it is important to look at all the options and decide which features will work best for you and your family or fit your wants and lifestyle the best. 

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