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Make M's Pub Your New Favorite Eatery at Old Market District in Omaha

M's Pub is a decadent establishment that has steadily risen in popularity over the past few years as its reputation for great service and even greater food spread across Omaha, Nebraska. Located in the Old Market District in Omaha, you'll find this chic not-so-little 'pub' to exude an ambiance of calm and collected luxury, which may not be what you expect upon hearing the name alone; M's Pub doesn't do the gourmet quality of their menu enough justice, but perhaps that's part of the allure. However, don't confuse exquisite with expensive – although there are dinner entrées on the menu that exceed $30, you can get some truly phenomenal sandwiches for less than $10 if you're in the mood…
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West Bay Woods Homes For Sale

 If you and your family have spent the bulk of your time in a large urban metroplex such as New York, Chicago or Las Vegas, then you probably automatically assume that any big city living is not going to be that family-friendly. However, when it comes to Omaha, Nebraska you would be wrong. Omaha is a very family-friendly city despite being the largest in Nebraska. In fact, since Nebraska has medium-high taxes, families are the ones that benefit the most from Omaha's otherwise very low cost of living...You'll enjoy all the tax benefits of having dependents with all of the real estate benefits that come with living in Omaha.

 But, there is still the question of where exactly in Omaha you want to move. Well, if you are

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A Unique Omaha Dining Experience at Upstream Brewing Co.

Located in the iconic Old Market district of Omaha, Nebraska, this delicious and original restaurant is home to some of the finest ales and dining in the State's largest city, and is a must see stop for any serious foodie in the area. Locals and visitors alike find a unique and memorable dining experience at the Upstream Brewing Company. This delicious restaurant is surprisingly low price with most entrées coming in well under $15, but for the price you will be very impressed with the quality of food and service. And of course, you can't eat at the Upstream Brewing Company without enjoying one of their fine house ales or international beers.

 Upstream has some very tasty dishes for you to choose

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Don't Miss the Nickelback Here and Now Concert
on May 22 at the CenturyLink Center Omaha

 One of the biggest event this month in Omaha, Nebraska is without a doubt going to be the Nickelback Here and Now concert on the Tuesday before Memorial Day, which will be May 22nd. You'll want to go ahead and buy tickets as soon as possible if you haven't already, as they've already been on sale for near three months now. Fortunately, since the CenturyLink Center is an enormous venue you don't really have to worry about them being sold out, but it's always better safe than sorry - tickets are around $90 at the time of this writing, and are most conveniently available at TicketMaster online.
 Nickelback is one more in a long line of world-famous musicians and

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Omaha, Nebraska makes a great home for any nature enthusiast, as it's nearly impossible to find a home outside the influence of prairie life. But even in a city like Omaha where nature is constantly present, it can be easy to become immersed in the bustling city life – sometimes you need a deep breath of nature to clear your mind, and that's what this brief guide is all about. Check out these four beautiful outdoor parks that make a great place to spend an hour enjoying nature without the distractions of everyday life:

Eugene T. Mahoney State Park  – Host to a Lodge-style resort, this park has a ton of stuff to do whether you're staying the night or just enjoying the park for free during the day. You'll enjoy fishing, swimming, family activities,

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