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Omaha: The "Best Value City" in the U.S.

While the U.S. national news is filled with stories of boom and bust real estate, markets taken over by foreclosures, skyrocketing unemployment, and other gloom and doom, Omaha has been quietly chugging along, doing just fine.

Yes, we do have some foreclosures and short sales. But a check on Trulia for November 2 statistics shows that foreclosures make up just 15% of our homes for sale and sold, while the percentage in San Diego is at 27%, and in Las Vegas 46%.

Home prices are slightly down, but since we didn't experience the dramatic increases that hit the coastal and "sun belt" cities, we haven't experienced the dramatic decline. Trulia reported the median home sales price in Omaha for the months of August,

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Good News for Real Estate - More Cities on the Upswing

What constitutes an improving real estate market? According to the NAHB / First American's Improving Market's Index, an area is on the upswing when it shows an increase in housing permits, housing prices, and employment for at least 6 months.

The good news is that since October, the number of metropolitan areas deemed to be "Improving" has risen by about 30% - from 23 to 30. This is the third consecutive month that the number of improving markets has risen.

For the most part, it's smaller cities that are showing improvement.  The only major metropolitan areas represented on the list are New Orleans and Pittsburgh.

What industries are leading the improvement? Energy and agriculture. That's not

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That new immigration bill that Senators Charles Schumer and Mike Lee introduced on October 20 has some people worried.

As you probably remember, an automatic visitor's visa would be given to any foreign citizen willing to spend $500,000 in cash buying U.S. real estate. At least half that amount would have to be for his or her personal residence.

As we reported a few days ago, some object to "selling America to foreigners" while others worry that this infusion of foreign cash will serve to keep prices out of the reach of ordinary citizens.

However, as more details of the bill are revealed, it's beginning to look like there's not much to worry about, even if the bill passes.

Why? Because it's not such a great deal for the foreign buyers. For one

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