Summer Camp – In Omaha it's not what it used to be, it's better!

Posted by Mark Ciochon on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 at 10:54am.

Summer Camp – In Omaha it's not what it used to be, it's better!

Omaha parents and children don't need to worry about summer boredom, nor about a lack of learning experiences, because here in Omaha, summer camp is just not what it used to be.

Whether a day-camp or a stay away from home, summer camp is no longer all about singing songs and doing arts and crafts. Of course some do offer that, but they offer so much more. Here's a sampling:

For animal lovers…

Kids who love animals can attend "Camp Kindness," a weeklong summer camp offered by the Nebraska Humane Society. Here the campers learn about animals from therapy lambs to wounded birds of prey – and of course about dogs and cats.

Because so many of the campers are repeat visitors, the Human Society brings in different presentations and guest speakers each summer. And, in an activity that's the "favorite" for many campers, the kids get to take part in "Shelter Buddies," a program that helps shelter animals become socialized and ready for adoption.

Boys loving the outdoors…

For boys who "Just want to be boys," there's Camp Mount Michael, entering its 45th year of providing fun and healthy activity for boys aged 7 to 14.  Although they do offer arts and crafts, most of the day's activities are the kind boys engaged in before video games and cell phones came along to keep them sedentary.

Campers' days are spent with archery, hiking, outdoor camping, horseback riding, and the boys' favorite sport – playing dodge ball.

What's the mark of a great camping experience? The campers want to return – so the fact that some campers come back year after year tells you this is a camp to investigate for your own sons. 

For your water babies… try DiVentures

Small classes and individual attention mark the instruction at DiVentures scuba diving camp. So does instruction.  Students learn it all – from putting their equipment together properly to what to do when they encounter the unexpected underwater.

Of course, what the kids enjoy most is the time actually spent in the water – learning to dive to a depth of 14 feet, diving through obstacle courses, and learning to use an underwater camera.

Is your child horse-crazy?

Plenty of summer camps offer horseback riding as one of the activities, but at the American Legacy Complex, it takes center stage.

Campers spend 7 hours per day either with a horse or learning about a horse. Students learn about horse care, anatomy and diagnosis. 

They learn better horsemanship skills both through instruction and game playing – you have to be a better rider in order to herd calves. And for those who might romanticize horse ownership – camp teaches the reality of mucking out stalls.

Do they want to see their name in lights?

The Broadway Dreams summer program could help them do just that. Broadway Dreams is all about musical theater – honing your skills. It's also about the business of Broadway.

These are just a sampling of the summer camp offerings in and around Omaha, Nebraska. For a complete list and links to stories about each camp, visit

And for information about moving to Omaha – call 402-578-1910 or send me an email!  I'd love to introduce you to all that Omaha has to offer.


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