Omaha Short Sale

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Buying a foreclosed house in Omaha is different than buying a regular real estate listing.  There is much more work involved but the payoff is that you could potentially get the house you want at an unbelievable price.

There are more hoops you must jump through to secure a foreclosed home.  In many cases, you will need to supply the seller with a preapproval letter from a lender before their offer is accepted and there is often no room for negotiation.  Foreclosed homes are typically sold ‘as is.’ Because you are getting such a low price, you will need to take care of any repairs that the house needs. 

On the flipside, most foreclosed properties in Omaha are already vacant, and that can work in your favor when it comes time to move in.

Here are some

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Omaha Short Sale

omaha_short_sale_400Thinking of buying an Omaha short sale? Get your checklist out. Here is what you need when thinking of buying a short sale in Omaha.

1. Patience

2. Patience

3. Patience

There are so many variables when dealing with a short sale home that you have to have patience and a take it or leave it attitude. You see once you write an offer and the seller accepts it you really do not have an offer that is enforceable until the bank approves the short

sale. Many times you have two banks to deal with which is called a first and a second. The first bank probably is going to deal with the situation pretty quick but if there is a second lender they have no protection in a foreclosure situation so if the second lender isn't getting any of the

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