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Omaha Home Values On the Rise

The Omaha World Herald recently published an article highlighting a trend realtors have been noticing for a while: It’s becoming a Seller’s market in the Omaha area. 

Simply put, the number of homes for sale in Omaha is declining so buyers are competing for that shrinking supply.  Considering the laws of supply and demand, we can expect home prices to keep rising.  That’s good news for home owners who have seen their home prices drop but means home buyers may be facing more competition for available homes and have to pay more for them.

On average, homes in the Omaha area are staying on the market just 72 days.  Homes spent 83 days on the market last year.  The fastest sales appear to be in the $150,000 price range.  

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Introduction to Papillion, Nebraska

 Anyone looking for a great place to live near Omaha will definitely want to take a look at the lovely community of Papillion, Nebraska.  Located just south of Omaha it is close enough to the big city to have easy access to all its amenities, but far enough away to be able to enjoy the quiet suburb life many people love.  The community of Papillion is quite vibrant with a variety of different activities available to keep everyone busy and entertained. 

 One of the things many people love most about Papillion today is the fact that their economy is growing at a much faster pace than the rest of the state or even the country.  The city proudly features both business and technology parks in public ownership which offer

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Are you and your family looking for a fair price on a new home in a healthy community? Elkhorn is home to 3 subdivisions in Omaha – Elkhorn Highland, Elkhorn Highland Ridge and Elkhorn View Estates – and offers a variety of housing options, so whether you're a first time home buyer or a family looking to expand there's definitely something for you here.

In a setting of wide-open grassy fields, nature trails, and all around beautiful scenery, you'll find that the majority of houses in Elkhorn are in the $150 – $500 range. Property in Elkhorn is defined by big spacious floor plans on the interior and expansive yards with a healthy amount of greenery on the exterior.

A Brief History of Elkhorn

What is now one of the nicer real estate areas in Omaha,

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If you're looking for a rustic ranch home or a comfortable town house in a distinctive, Great Plains climate that you can only get in the midwest, then the housing market in Omaha, Nebraska is where you'll want to direct your attention.  Being a rural state, many of the properties in this area are going to offer a really good deal on square feet per dollar, making it a great buy for a family or real-estate investor alike.

Omaha is currently in the midst of a strong buyer's market (like much of the US), although being a big city in a rural state means that it's been more resilient than many, and is actually starting to show signs of recovery as unemployment rates plateue and begin falling again. However, right now there are an excess of listings on the

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Bellevue is located in the heart of the Great Plains, just eight miles south of Omaha, Nebraska.  It’s a beautiful and tranquil community – it has that desirable small town feel, but the amenities of the “big city” are close by.  Because the city is located on the Missouri River, it was originally developed as a fur trading post.  Its location is one of the reasons it has grown and prospered over the years. Today, Bellevue offers many housing opportunities: from apartments to single family homes.  Many discerning individuals, who work in Omaha, choose to live and raise their families in Bellevue.  It’s a community that seems tailor-made for family living. In fact, the city website states that Bellevue offers “low unemployment, a low cost of living, low

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There are many contact details you will require when moving to a new area. I have attached some useful links to provide you with everything from utilities to an A-Z of government organizations. These are easily accessible by clicking the links and can be printed out for your convenience. I hope this proves useful to you.


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